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Does your project need financial support to reach your goals? The Center for Community Engagement helps fund fund initiatives for current, returning undergraduates through four main programs:

  1. CE Mini-Grants (Community Engagement Mini-Grants:  student initiatives involving community action (academic year only) 
  2. SCB Flex Fund (SCB Flex Fund: student volunteer service initiatives (academic year only)
  3. Academic Outreach Endowment grants (Academic Outreach Endowment grants: student and faculty support for community-connected projects (annual deadline April 1)
  4. Cross Cultural Community Service grants (Cross Cultural Community Service Fund: student support for international community service, advocacy, activism (year-round funding available)

See below for details about Mini-Grants and the Flex Fund. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ashley Laux,, 802.443.3099.

Important note

In most cases, with the exception of the Flex Fund, funding that is provided to a student as a grant or as reimbursement for personal and/or travel expenses is considered aid, therefore taxable income.