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Language in Motion

An engagement opportunity in language and culture: Join the dialogue! 

Language in Motion (LiM) is an educational collaboration that connects Middlebury’s international, study abroad, and upper level language students with Addison County high school and middle school teachers, students, and classrooms.

With support and training, Middlebury College students prepare and deliver lessons that promote global awareness, cultural competence, and world language acquisition.

I was ecstatic about the presentation. -- Middlebury College LiM presenter

LiM presentations are designed to support the host teacher’s learning objectives. School-age children gain new exposure to diverse culture, language, and experience, and the opportunities that college can offer. Middlebury College students gain exposure to the secondary teaching environment and deepen their international and intercultural experience through personal and shared reflection.

Participating teachers may also apply for professional development grants and take part in educational workshops hosted by Middlebury College.

A National Consortium

Active at Middlebury since 2014, LiM was founded at Juniata College in 2000 and has since been implemented at thirteen other colleges and universities. The Middlebury College LiM program was made possible at Middlebury through the generous support of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations as well as the support of our consortium partners.