How to Support a Student: Faculty/Staff

Faculty and staff are in a unique position where they may notice a student’s struggles before others (e.g. absenteeism in the classroom, faltering grades, etc.). Faculty/staff are not expected to take on the role of a counselor. They can refer the student to their Commons Dean, Middlebury College Counseling, and/or the other resources identified on the Counseling website to help bridge the gap between a student’s struggles and the available support and services. If you feel that you have the relationship or rapport to start a conversation with the student, you can directly speak with the student and inquire about their hardships. If you choose to do so, please consider the following information:

  • Hold conversations in a private space
  • Listen attentively and give the student room to speak
  • Be supportive and positive
  • Point out specific signs that you have observed that support your concerns
  • Be upfront about concerns regarding suicidality and self-harm, it is important that we don’t beat around the bush with this topic; use words such as “suicide” and “self-harm” when having this discussion
  • Ask the student what support or help they desire and what they think they need in order to feel better
  • Provide whatever resources or referrals possible
  • Follow-up later and check-in to see how the person you care about is doing

Notifying a student’s Common’s Dean is also an appropriate step if directly speaking to the student does not seem warranted or appropriate. Simply providing the commons dean with a heads up regarding your concerns is a step toward creating a system of care around the student whom is displaying concerning behavior.

Faculty/staff have varying obligations in terms of what they are required to report. Please seek consultation from your Department Chairs regarding situations where reporting may be required.

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