First Time Athletic Participant Clearance Procedures

All students who are trying out for either an intercollegiate team or Crew and Rugby must complete the following checklist before they will be eligible to participate.

1)      All new students are required to have an entrance physical conducted at home by a physician.  To be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics, club rugby and crew the physician must complete and sign the Health Care Provider Form dated within 6 months of starting the sport. If these sections on the Student Health Form are not completed and signed by a physician within 6 months of the sport start date, you will not be able to practice or play in games with the team.  You can contact Parton Health Service (802) 443-5135 if you have any questions about the Student Health Form. (For students who have not participated in a sport at Middlebury College the required physical and accompanying forms must be done within 6 months of starting the intended sport).

 2)      If at the time you enter Middlebury College you are under the age of 18, you need to contact Amal Duprey at after August 1, 2018 to receive the forms necessary for athletic participation.

3)      If you are currently taking medication for ADD or ADHD you must provide complete documentation of this diagnosis as required by the NCAA.  Using the link provided below, please print this form and have your physician complete and sign it.  Please fax the form and any supporting documentation to Sports Medicine at (802) 443-2094 or email to: Amal DupreyClub rugby and crew do not need to comply with the NCAA rulings around ADD and ADHD medication.

4)      All students must register for their user account with the student health portal. To register, follow the simple instructions on the portal home page.  Once you have registered with the portal, you will receive an email with instructions to set up a password.  This password will allow you to access some of your health records and the remainder of Sports Medicine's required forms (which are available in the portal after August 1st).

If you have already registered for the portal you can just sign in.  Go directly to the forms tab at the top of the page.  Fill out the forms that appear in the forms sections.  The forms that should show up are the NCAA Annual Health Update and Sickle Cell Waiver.  These forms will only show up for students that are on an athletic roster that has been submitted to Sports Medicine by the coach.

These forms will be submitted electronically and stored with your medical records at Parton Health Service. Here is the link to the student health portal, which may take a few minutes to load as it establishes a secure connection.

You must use your Middlebury College email address as your email when you register in the Health Portal in order to receive a password.

If you are having trouble accessing the Health Portal please contact Amal Duprey at

5)      Once you have done these things you will be contacted by Sports Medicine if there is any other special documentation that they may need. (i.e. clearance from physicians for previous injuries, more documentation on pre-existing medical conditions)

6)    Lastly, you will need to set up a time with Sports Medicine to take a baseline concussion test and Biodex balance test.  Fall varsity athletes coming in before school starts will have this scheduled as part of their pre-season clearance process, but everyone else will need to sign-up through Sports Medicine.


Health Services
Centeno House
1st & 2nd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5135
Fax: 802.443.2066

Centeno House
3rd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5141
Fax: 802.443.3407

Sports Medicine
Field House
Phone: 802.443.3636
Fax: 802.443.2094