COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Hot Weather Practice and Competition Guidelines

Middlebury College

Hot Weather Practice and Competition Guidelines


On very hot days, either during the fall or spring Sports Medicine will use a Wet Bulb Globe Test to determine the safety of practicing outside. 

A Wet Bulb Globe Test (WBGT) is a tool that takes into account the ambient temperature, relative humidity, air motion, and amount of radiant heat from the sun.


<82.0 Normal Activity with no restrictions


82.1-89.9 2 hours max with 4 breaks of 4 minutes

                For Football: Restrict to helmet, shoulder pads, and shorts.  Remove all equipment for conditioning.


90.0-92.0 Maximum length of practice is one hour, no protective equipment may be worn during practice and there may be no conditioning activities.  There must be 20 minutes of rest breaks provided during practice.


>92.1 No outdoor workouts until cooler WBGT reading occurs.


As environmental temperature and humidity increase, there is an increase in the heat stress that is placed on the exercising individual. Exercise in the heat causes athletes to rely on evaporation of sweat from the skin as the primary method of dissipating heat that is produced by the working muscles. As humidity increases, the ability to dissipate heat through evaporation is further hindered, thus causing the body to have an increased body temperature, which increases the risk of Exertional Heat Stroke. (Kory Stringer Institute).