NCAA Rulings

The NCAA requires all athletes to comply with its rules and regulations.  The information contained in this section reference those rules and regulations that relate to Sports Medicine administration.  Please review these sections to make certain you are in compliance before your athletic participation at Middlebury College begins.  If you need more information on any of these rulings you can contact the Sports Medicine Department at (802) 443-3636 or email Kelly Cray at 

NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Screening

NCAA Sickle Cell Education Materials

NCAA Drug Testing Program

NCAA Medical Exceptions Procedures

NCAA ADHD/ADD Medical Exception Form

NCAA Banned Drug List

Six Month Pre-Participation Physical Rule

Health Services
Centeno House
1st & 2nd Floor
Phone: 802-443-5135
Fax: 802-443-2066

Centeno House
3rd Floor
Phone: 802-443-5141
Fax: 802.443.3407

Sports Medicine
Field House
Phone: 802-443-3636
Fax: 802-443-2094