COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Returning Student Athlete Clearance Procedures

Returning Student Athletes are those students that have participated in an NCAA Intercollegiate Sport or Club Rugby/Crew as a student at Middlebury College.  As a returning student athlete please follow the check list below to be cleared to participate this school year.

1)     All returning student athletes should have an account set up in the Student Health Portal.. This account will allow you to access the remainder of Sports Medicine's required forms which are available after August 1st

          When you log in click on the forms tab at the tope of the page which will take you the forms you need to fill out.  The forms will be the NCAA Annual Health Update form and Mental Health Screen form.  The forms will be submitted electronically and stored with your medical records at the Health Center.  Here is the link to the student portal .

      If you are having trouble accessing the Health Portal please contact Amal Duprey at .


2)       If you are currently taking medication for ADD or ADHD you must provide complete documentation of this diagnosis as required by the NCAA.  Using the link provided, please print this form and have your phyiscian complete it.  Please have them fax the form and supporting documentation to Sports  Medicine at (802) 443-2094 or email to Amal Duprey.  Club rugby and crew do not need to comply with the NCAA rulings around ADD and ADHD medication..

           You only need this form completed if you have had a new diagnosis, since you first entered school.


3)      For any returning student athlete that had a surgery or an injury that was treated by an orthopedist, please have a letter clearing you to participate faxed to the Sports Medicine Department at (802) 443-2094.  

4)       Lastly, Sports Medicine will be sending an email to returning athletes with the ability to complete their ImPACT baseline testing at home. This is a new requirement this year.   The email will be sent from from with the Subject: Your ImPACT Baseline Testlink. 

**All returning participants will be required to complete their ImPact baseline home testing by 08/01/2020**

  • IF you have  a suspected head injury, you  should NOT complete the baseline test and instead reach out to the athletic trainer assigned to your team.
  • IF you  sustain a head injury after you  have taken the baseline IMPACT test, then you  should also reach out to the athletic trainer assigned to the team. 

5)      Sports Medicine may still need to contact you to clarify other information.