Commons Heads

Michelle Nelson

Associate Director Admissions; Co-Head, Atwater Commons

Office: Emma Willard House 206
Email: mmnelson@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5165

Peter Nelson

Professor of Geography; Co-Head, Atwater Commons

Office: McCardell Bicentennial Hall 313
Email: pbnelson@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3247
Office Hours: WT: Tuesdays (in MBH) & Fridays (in Allen) 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, and by appointment

Commons Dean

Scott Barnicle

Commons Dean - Atwater

Office: Allen Hall 153A
Email: sbarnicl@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3310

Commons Coordinator

Debbie Cousino

Commons Coordinator

Office: Allen Hall 153
Email: cousino@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3310

Commons Residential Advisor

David Dolifka '13

Commons RA - Atwater

Office: Allen Hall 106
Email: ddolifka@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3310

First Year Counselors

Joey Button '17

First Year Counselor
Coffrin North 213

Office: 213 Coffrin Hall North
Email: jbutton@middlebury.edu

Danny Dignan '17

First Year Counselor
Allen Hall 007

Office: 007 Allen Hall
Email: ddignan@middlebury.edu

Sophia Quay-de la Vallee '16

First Year Counselor
Allen Hall 212

Office: 212-1 Allen Hall
Email: squaydelavallee@middlebury.edu

Joy Wood '17

First Year Counselor
Allen Hall 307

Office: 307-1 Allen Hall
Email: jwood@middlebury.edu

Adam Milano '15

First Year Counselor
Allen Hall 220

Office: 220-1 Allen Hall
Email: amilano@middlebury.edu

Hasher Nisar '16

First Year Counselor
Allen Hall 110

Office: 110 Allen Hall
Email: hnisar@middlebury.edu

Resident Assistants

Lana Meyer '17

Resident Assistant
Coffrin Center 419

Office: 419 Coffrin Hall Center
Email: emeyer@middlebury.edu

August Rosenthal '17

Resident Assistant
Coffrin South 513

Office: 513 Coffrin Hall South
Email: aerosenthal@middlebury.edu

Sophie Vaughan '17

Resident Assistant
Coffrin North 433

Office: 433 Coffrin Hall North
Email: svaughan@middlebury.edu

Community Assistants

Affiliated with Atwater Commons Areas

Steve Zatarain '15

Community Assistant
Hall A & B

Office: B106A Atwater Hall B
Email: szatarain@middlebury.edu

Sarah James '16

Community Assistant
Le Chateau, Jewett House, 108 South Maine, 51 Franklin, 131 Franklin, Sperry House, The Mill

Office: 217 Le Chateau
Email: sjames@middlebury.edu