Cook Commons Council

Cook Commons Council is responsible for the creation, planning and implementation of programming for the Commons, as well as the entire student body.   Social events, lectures, and other special programming are part of the wide-range of events brought to campus through the work of the Council.  Every Cook student is a member of the Council and all are encouraged to participate in weekly meetings to determine Cook activities.

Cook Commons Council meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Pearsons Lounge.  ALL Cook students are urged to attend.  Cook events are planned by you and for you!


The Council Chairs

Commons chairs run commons council meetings, plan commons events, and work closely with the residential life staff to create a vibrant community.  Collectively, the chairs of the five commons make up the InterCommons Council (ICC) which allows for activity planning to occur between the commons.  Chairs can support individual student initiatives, so contact them if you have a great idea that you'd like to see happen.

Reshma Gogineni

Cook Commons

Email: rgogineni@middlebury.edu

Ricardo Martinez

Cook Commons

Email: rmartinez@middlebury.edu

Mitchell Perry (Mitch)

Cook Commons

Email: myperry@middlebury.edu

Check out what the Council is doing on MiddLink:


Past Cook Council Events:
  • Iron Chef
  • Tam Team Trek
  • The Town of Middlebury Special Olympics
  • MIDD Kid for a day- brings seventh grade students to campus for a day
  • Cook Carnival
  • Cook Foam Party
  • Cookstock
  • Cook Annual Fall Family Festival
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Cook Prom