04-24-12 Minutes

Wonnacott Commons Council 04-24-2012

Tracker: 5 people left

Wonnacott Senator: NAILA JAHAN

Ellery and Anthony : next weekend with tie dye

White Water Rafting: Stanis

Academic Trips are on hold because of rain

Cutting Down The Budget to 5K – meeting with Deb

Sushi Night - confirmed with Linda Tran

Naila Jahan: working backstage for Prometheus (Charles)

Finals Week- Stress Relievers

Relaxing music

Stress free zone

-          hugs and compliments

-          warm and fuzzes

Late night snacks, different from midnight breakfast

Gifford Potluck – next Sunday – Simran

Relay for Life- more people should sign up!!!!!!!! (Stanis)

Beautification Across Wonnacottà Wonnacott Improvement

Charlie Arnowitz?