Thomas Lu '16

Wonnacott Commons Council Tri-Chair

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Hey Wonnacott!  Welcome to the family.  Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Thomas. I was born and raised in good ol' Georgia, and I'll be one of your Wonnacott Commons Council Chairs next year. The other Tri-Chairs and I are excited to have you guys on board!  To say the least, we all have great squirrely pride!  So, we hope to plan events that you guys will enjoy. With that said, we need your help. If you have any great ideas, tell us!  Email us, talk to us, send an owl, do whatever. Just let us know or come to our weekly meetings!  Now, I leave you with this:

- When I say Wonna, you say cott!  Wonna!

- Cott!

- When I say Wonna, Wonna, you say cott, cott! Wonna, Wonna!

- Cott, Cott!

Go Wonnacott!! Go Nuts!!