Housing in Wonnacott

Battell Hall is a first year residence hall.  It is unique in that the space is split between two Commons, Cook and Wonnacott.  Battell houses 225 first years and 120 of them are affiliated with Wonnacott.  Most of the rooms are doubles.  Battell Hall South 1st and 2nd floor and Battell Center 1st floor are comprised of 35 students living with two First Year Counselors.  Battell Center 3rd floor is a single gender floor with 20 students living with one First Year Counselor. There are kitchens and lounges throughout the building for students to use. 

There are no laundry facilities located in Battell, but there are washers and dryers available in nearby Forest Hall located just behind Battell.

The Wonnacott Commons office is located on Battell South 1st Floor just inside the Battell south entrance.  Students can check out cookware and board games there.

Check out the Battell Floor plans.

To view inside Battell Hall, click on photo below:

Gifford Hall is home to primarily sophomores.  Its 167 residents live in singles, doubles, and quads (a suite housing four people including 2 singles, one double, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom).  There is a newly renovated kitchen and laundry on the basement level. Check out the Gifford Floor plans.

To view inside Gifford Hall, click on photo below:

Battell Hall First Year Dorm Tour