Joel Cepeda '15

Wonnacott First Year Counselor (FYC)
Battell South Room 133

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Hey guys whats up its Joel Cepeda up in the house you know what i'm sayin? I'ma be the FYC up in this building so you already know that it'll be chill and all of that good stuff you always wanted. Don't play yourself tho cuz you already know that I come from Brooklyn, NY where my boy Jay-Z came from cuz me and him are cool. I like listening to his music and he sometimes pays me a visit so if you wanna meet him hit me up. I hope you guys are ready for this year though. Like i've been livin this for threeeee years already yo. I'ma be graduated and all that in a year. That be crazy. It be tough sometimes so keep ya head up and I gotchu... Like Pikachu.... and Goku... Respect.