Michelle Peng '15

Wonnacott First Year Counselor (FYC)
Battell Center Room 118

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Hi, my name is Michelle Peng and I am a Junior at Midd despite the fact that I can pass as a highschooler. I’m from Harrison, NY and have lived in the same house my entire life. I’m super excited to be an FYC and help first-years navigate their introductory year at Midd. I had amazing FYCs who had a large impact on my time in Battell and hope I can provide the same positive experience for others. I’m a Neuroscience major who is currently on the premed track, but contrary to the stereotype, I consider myself a relaxed and laidback person. I’m on the women’s golf team and yes, I would love to take you golfing! I’m also the co-chair of the SAOC (go/SAOC). When I’m bored I like to sing, dance, do fun athletic things, be silly, and dabble in carpentry (?). If you would like to know more, come by Battell because my door is always open to people who love tea, casual conversation and random assortments of candy.