Blake Harper '15

Wonnacott Community Assistant (CA)
33 Adirondack Room 001

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"Hi, my name is Blake and I am a senior joint major in philosophy and religion. I like all sorts of things especially the water and good coffee, probably because I grew up on an island near Seattle. When I am not playing goalie for the men's water polo team I like to hang out with a book of poetry and my french press. Catch me in the dining hall or on my porch; I am glad to be of service as one of your Wonnacott CA's."

Blake oversees the following properties:
20 Adirondack View (Japanese House)
70 Hillcrest (Queer Studies House)
33 Adirondack
82 Adirondack (Sub-Free House)
99 Adirondack (Russian House)
The Mods (Cousteau, Earhart, Norgay, Peary and Ride)
Longwell (italian House)
Perkins (Spanish House)