Community-Connected Teaching, Learning, and Research

Finding praxis in the liberal arts... We want to help you create opportunities for your students to link what they learn in your classroom with applied work in the community. Through community-connected projects, students will meld theory with practice and connect their Middlebury education to the wider goals of our global society.

Such projects are becoming more and more common in higher education. The Association of American College and Universities now prescribes community-based learning as one of several high impact practices in teaching the liberal arts.


To be a truly global institution and prepare our students to face the challenges of the 21st century, we know we will have to combine the power of a traditional liberal arts curriculum with hands-on learning. - Ronald D. Liebowitz, President, Middlebury College

If you think the time is right to build a community-connected project into your curriculum, contact Community Engagement Director Tiffany Sargent to learn more!