We want to help fund your project.

We often meet with students and faculty who have amazing ideas for projects with communities they know and love but a lack of financial resources holds them back. We can help with that. One of the most important pieces of our work at Community Engagement is to facilitate funding for community-connected projects by students and faculty. CE helps fund these projects through four main programs:

  1. CE mini-grants
  2. SCB Flex Fund
  3. Academic Outreach Endowment grants
  4. Cross Cultural Community Service grants

See below for details about mini-grants and the Flex Fund. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tiffany Sargent by email or phone, 802-443-5082.

Important note

In most cases, with the exception of the Flex Fund, funding that is provided to a student as a grant or as reimbursement for personal and/or travel expenses is considered aid, therefore taxable income.


If the funding opportunities above fall outside the scope of what you or your organization needs, read what Student Life has to say about fundraising on campus. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully about student fundraising on campus—many restrictions apply. For more information feel free to reach out to the SGA Finance Committee directly.