Mid-Year Returns

This page provides information for students who were previously withdrawn from Middlebury or participating in off campus study programs. 

2016 Mid-Year Return to Campus Move In Dates:

  • Winter Term - Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m
  • Spring Term - Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

First Step:

Review your future term status information posted on your BANNER/Personal Information/Future Status and Housing Overview page for accuracy. Contact the appropriate office (Off Campus Study or Commons) if updates need to be made.

Questionnaire Info:

If you are planning to return in either the Winter or Spring Terms after being away from campus during the Fall, you will receive an email message in October/November from Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC) Karin Hall-Kolts, with details about the housing process and a link to an on-line housing questionnaire. (Students studying in China who experience difficulty accessing the form should email Karin directly for another method of submitting their information.) 

At that time you should promptly complete your on-line Return to Campus Housing Questionnaire (submissions are not currently being accepted). The deadline for completing housing questionnaires is November 8. Students who miss this deadline will still be housed but will not have an opportunity to indicate preferences.

Commons Affiliations and Room Draw Random Numbers DO NOT have any bearing on Mid-Year Housing assignments. Assignments are made based on the consideration of individual requests weighed against each other as well as the needs of the College.

Students returning to campus mid-year are housed in beds that become available as other students depart from campus or complete moves from one location to another; it is not possible to provide an accurate list of those beds.  Groups of students who hope to live together should complete End of Term Room Change forms (see further below), and when relevant briefly include details on their individual questionnaires.  It is not possible to calculate the chance of being awarded a suite/house or group of rooms together as there are too many unknown factors that continue to change throughout the processes. 

Winter Term Alternative Plans:

If you complete your Study Abroad program at the end of the Fall Term but do not plan to be on campus for the Winter Term (OPTING OUT, Internship, Temporarily Withdrawing), please indicate your decision on your questionnaire and be sure to register for the appropriate course option when Winter Term Registration takes place.

Students who return for the Winter Term and have a bed set aside within a housing unit (i.e. Social or Interest House, Superblock, suite, etc.) which is not available for the Winter Term should indicate this on their questionnaire and will be housed in a temporary location for Winter Term only.

Hoping to take someone else's place:
Students CANNOT make independent housing agreements with other students who are leaving campus to take their rooms/suites/houses or blocks, (including Forest sink-mates).

EXCEPT, members of a suite or house (as long as 50% of the original Room Draw group is remaining), or a roommate left behind in a double when a student does leave campus CAN and SHOULD find an active student to fill that space.

In those cases, the Returning Student must have an active status for that term and needs to include that information on their questionnaire . . . AND a Student Rep for the suite/house/double, needs to send an email to Karin Hall-Kolts with the name, year and id of the student filling the spot by November 8.


Please Note . . . Individual rooms that are blocked for Room Draw purposes are not considered a unit as of the end of that process, (including Forest sink-mates); any such rooms that open up throughout the year are reassigned by the Residential Systems Coordinator.

Beds in suites, houses or doubles CANNOT be left empty during the Winter Term so students will need to identify another active student to fill the bed temporarily if they have someone else in mind to take the space who is not returning to campus until the Spring Term. If a group is unable to fill a bed the RSC may temporarily assign the space to other students. In rare cases groups may be required to forfeit the housing unit and be rehoused for the remainder of the year, and the space would be awarded to another group. (See End of Term Room Change information posted on the Room Change Request website.)

Groups of students who wish to be considered for a suite/house should submit an End of Term Room Change request (even if all/some of the members are not currently housed on campus). For details about that process and to access the form see the Room Change Request website.

Questions about  return to campus housing should be directed to RSC Karin Hall-Kolts at khall@middlebury.edu. Please plan ahead as this is a busy time of year and a response may take some time.