Off Campus Housing Lottery

Students approved to live off campus for one term must renew their status for a subsequent term, but WILL NOT need to participate in the lottery.  Students who wish to do so must return the Fee Reduction Renewal Form by the posted deadline; failure to renew may result in a forfeit of a place on the roster and require a student to reapply with no guarantee of approval.

New Applications for off campus housing must be submitted electronically to the Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC) Karin Hall-Kolts in advance of the posted deadline.  Follow the instructions on the application carefully and contact the RSC with any questions well in advance.  2015 Fall Term applications will be due Friday, February 13.

Students who are awarded a spot on the Off Campus Housing roster during the lottery MUST NOT sign any leases or commit to any housing agreements until after their eligibility and status is confirmed by the RSC.  After doing so the RSC will send an email to each student's Middlebury account acknowledging their final approval/denial.

NOTE:  Although students may apply as a group for spots on the roster (maximum of three), students are individually approved for off campus housing and should not make any arrangements until they receive such notice from the RSC.

Those students who have been approved will be given a short period of time before they will need to confirm their intentions and commit by submitting an Off Campus Housing Contract and a Fee Reduction form.

Students who commit to off campus housing may not participate in any other housing process related to the same term.  Students who commit to a spot on a Fall Term roster and then withdraw may not participate in any other Fall Term housing process and will be housed during the Summer Housing process.

Students who are members of Social Houses may not apply for off campus housing unless the House has submitted a housing roster and filled all their beds by the given deadline.

Because Special Students are expected to live off campus they do not participate in the Off Campus Housing lottery and their names should not be included on an application; however, students who have not yet received final approval for Special Student status and would still hope to live off campus should participate in the off campus process as back-up in case they are not approved.  Credits for Special Students are processed separately. Please contact the Registrar's office about Special Student status.