Off Campus Housing and Lottery

Updated for 2014-2015 Housing Process

Students are guaranteed housing for four years at Middlebury.  However, the College does provide the option for a limited number of Senior students to apply to live off campus. Applications are not guaranteed to be approved so students should not make any off campus housing arrangements, leases or agreements until they have received final approval from the College.  Making premature arrangements to rent a location does not assure a spot on the off campus roster.  Students approved to live off-campus receive a fee reduction for living, and if they choose, eating off campus. 

It is a violation of College policy for students to reside off campus without prior approval.  Only (rising) senior students may apply to live off campus. These students must be free from official college discipline.

Social and Internest House House Members

Students who are members of Social Houses may not apply for off campus housing unless the House has submitted a housing roster and filled all their beds by the designated deadline.  Students who have committed to filling a bed in a housing unit, i.e. Social  or Interest House, SuperBlock, are only eligible for off campus housing if other students have previously been identified to fill their spot on the roster.


  • Seniors are approved on a per-semester basis for off campus housing.
  • Students must renew their status for the following term by submitting a Fee Reduction Renewal form by the designated deadline. (Sent via an email from Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC) Karin Hall-Kolts.)
  • Students who fail to meet the deadline may lose the privilege of residing off campus for the following term; have their name removed from the roster; be expected to return to housing on campus; and would be housed at the discretion of the RSC during either the Summer Draw process (Fall Term) or End of Term Housing process (Spring Term).

The Spring Term 2015 Renewal Form Deadline is Friday, October 24. Students who are currently living off campus will receive an email from Karin Hall-Kolts with a link to the form, which they should promptly complete and return to ensure continuation of off-campus housing into the Fall Term.   Off campus students are required to communicate with the RSC about their intentions either way by the above deadline.

Students approved for off campus housing must make their own housing arrangements.


There are two lotteries held each year for spaces on the off campus housing roster; one in the spring for Fall Term housing and another in the fall for Spring Term housing. Dates for the next lotteries are as follows:

  • 2015 Spring Term applications will be available as of Monday, October 6, and are due Friday, November 7.
  • 2015 Spring Term Off Campus Housing Lottery - 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 11, 2015 - location TBA.
  • 2016 Fall Term Off Campus Housing Lottery - TBA

Students who have received final approval for Special Student status are required to live off campus and do not need to participate in a lottery.

All students approved to live off campus are required to complete and submit an Off Campus Housing contract and a Fee Reduction form. Off-Campus students are also required to provide the RSC, with their local off campus housing location and a contact phone number, and to update their information when necessary. This is as much for security concerns, as it is to maintain lines of communication between students and the College. Students who fail to do so may be required to move back into on-campus housing. It is also advisable for Special and 9th Semester Students to provide the RSC with their contact information.

Off-Campus Accountability

Students will be held accountable for policy violations that take place between the time they first arrive on campus to begin their Middlebury program and their graduation, or the College's confirmation of their withdrawal. Conduct that takes place on or near Middlebury College premises or property; occurs at or in connection with a Middlebury College-related event; or occurs off-campus but adversely affects or could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the Middlebury College community and/or the pursuit of its objectives, is subject to the College disciplinary process. (College Handbook)

Therefore, Middlebury College policy will be enforced when the actions of students residing off-campus or the actions of their guests prompt a community member to contact the College or a law enforcement agent or Middlebury College Public Safety to respond to the residence as a follow up to a complaint or after observing illegal activity.

Fee Reductions

Full-time Off Campus Housing students receive a fee reduction for living, and if they choose, eating off campus.  Fee reduction rates are newly established each year. Please view the Student Financial Services webpage for details related to the Fee Reductions Rates for off campus dining and housing.  The reduction is applied directly to a student's college bill.  All questions regarding fee reductions should be directed to the Student Financial Services office.