Junior / Senior Online Draw

Updated for 2014 Spring Term Room Draw

Online Room Draw, or simply Room Draw,  is one of the annual spring traditions at Middlebury. The process allows students enrolled for the Fall semester the opportunity to choose their rooms and roommates for that following academic year. The majority of the process is done on-line, so you will be able to select your room from the comfort of your own room or even from another country!

There are separate Room Selection Processes for large blocks, small blocks, doubles and singles. Additioanlly there is a Mini Block process in which popular small, senior-only locations are offered in advance of the other draws so students do not have to forego options for larger blocks in the hope of being awarded one of those spaces.  Please read more about the specific details of the process in which you may wish to participate.

Seniors and Juniors may apply for housing in any available location but retain the affiliation with their original commons.  Commons affiliation does not have any impact on senior/junior room draw assignments. Students work with the Residential Life staff responsible for their residence but rely on their commons office for individual support.

There are five separate draws which take place in the following order:

  • Senior Only Mini Block -  a limited number of 2, 3 and 4 bed locations which are only available to seniors
  • Large Block - 6 to10 beds
  • Small Block - 3 to 5 beds
  • Singles - beds awarded as individual spaces
  • Doubles - two bed combinations including some sink-mates, 2-room doubles and true doubles

When (and only when), one of the above draws is open to receive applications, will students be able to view and enter applications for a particular draw; see calendar.

NOTE:  If applicants DO NOT get awarded a space in one draw, i.e. Large Block, as of the end of that draw the slate is wiped clean and all members of the original group are free to regroup and submit applications in subsequent draws, i.e. Small Block, Singles or Doubles.

Inside the Online Draws

Whenever possible applications should be submitted at the start of a draw's application submission period so any problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.  Please remember that his is not a first-come/first-serve process.

If you are applying for a block, each group should choose one student as their Student Representative (does not need to be the student with the lowest random number).  The Student Rep enters housing applications by signing on to their Self Service BANNER (SSB) page (use the "Quick Links/BannerWeb link on the bottom of any College web page), and accessing the housing applications under the Housing tab on their Records and Registration tab.

For all of the online draws, students are encouraged to submit applications for numerous spaces but be careful to only submit applications for rooms where you want to live.  Remember, rooms awarded during a draw are final.  Do not fail to enter an application because you do not think you or your group has a chance - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Spaces are awarded based on seniority in combination with lowest random number.  In the Doubles draw students can only submit applications with one other person.

Applications for suites, houses and blocks are awarded based on the group with the lowest year total (i.e. four 2015 students before three 2015 and a 2016 student) in combination with the lowest Random Number.  EXAMPLE:

4 x 2015s = class year total of 8,060 - THIS GROUP'S REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED FIRST
3 x 2015s (6,045) + 1 x  2016 = class year total of 8,061  - THEN THIS GROUP'S
2 x 2015s (4,030) + 2 x 2016s (4,032) = class year total of 8,062 - THEN THIS GROUP'S

When groups are awarded a space the system will automatically assign the beds.  However, at the end of all Fall Term Housing processes around the beginning of May, the Group Rep will have an opportunity to correct the beds as the members of the group desire.

Be aware that should a member of a small senior house or apartment or suite (NOT a block of beds) withdraw from the unit it is the responsibility of the remaining members to work with the Residential Systems Coordinator to identify a viable replacement. Failure to do so could result in forfeiting the space and being rehoused. Any indication of an attempt to manipulate the system will be taken seriously and could result in repercussions.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY (this should NOT discourage any group from submitting an application for a space for which they are interested), the 5 YEAR average for the last 4pp Atwater and LaForce suites awarded has been 148 and 104, respectively.  (Numbers for other locations are not available so please do not ask.)

This year senior numbers range from 1 - 823 and junior numbers from 874 - 1, 552.  THESE NUMBERS MUST BE KEPT IN PERSPECTIVE REMEMBER...

Students who are scheduled to participate in off campus study programs, approved for off campus housing, or assigned beds through the social or interest house, SuperBlock and residential life processes all get assigned numbers but do not use them.  

Do not over-think the process; there is no way of calculating what every student with a lower number is intending to do.  Choose who you would like to live with and locations of interest and submit those applications. 

Please  note that students with financial holds will not be able to participate in the on-line Room Draw process; questions regarding financial status should be directed to the Student Financial Services office.

On-Line Large and Small Block Draw Hints

1) When applying for a block your group should pick one person to be your Group Representative (for all size blocks you plan to apply for). That person should log-in and "create" your group's applications.

a. Only the Student Rep can "create" and "delete" application(s).

b)  The Group Representative enters housing applications by signing on to their Self Service BANNER (SSB) page (use the "Quick Links/BannerWeb link on the bottom of any College web page), and accessing the housing applications under the housing tab on their personal information tab.   Only the link to the process for which applications are being accepted will be visible, i.e. Large Block, Small Block, etc.

2) All other members of the group can "view" the applications, but can't create additional applications. Members should not log-in to their own BannerWeb page to view applications until all block draws are complete.

3) A Student Representative must not use a student's name on an application without prior consent.  Doing so is a violation of College policy and could result in disciplinary action.

4) Group Representatives: It may be helpful to open two browsers when creating applications; one for the BannerWeb applications and one for the floor plans,

5) Within either the large or small block draw, the same Group Representative can apply for different size suites/blocks with members of that same initial group. A subset of the initial group can apply for smaller size blocks, but cannot include anyone not in the initial group.

a. Also, anyone in the initial group who is not included in the subset cannot be in any other group (with a different rep).

b. The Group Representative must enter applications within a particular size draw (Large Block, Small Block) from larger to smaller size.  Ex., in the Small Block process if you have a group of 5, the rep should create an application for a group of 5. If your group is also interested in applying for a block of 4, the Group Representative should then create an application for a group of 4; then for a block of 3 (where applicable).

6) Within the same draw process, (i.e. Large Block, Small Block, Doubles), members/representatives cannot be a part of two separate groups (w/different group reps). Meaning: if you are in a group with one person designated as the Group Representative you cannot be in another separate group with a different Group Rep.

7) If you are in one or more of these categories below for the Fall Term you are INELIGIBLE to participate in room draw:

i. Scheduled to live in a Social House, Superblock, Interest House or off campus;

ii. Scheduled to participate in an Off-Campus Study program;

iii. Scheduled to be withdrawn;

iv. Scheduled to be a Special Student or 9th semester Teacher's Ed student

v. Have committed to a Residential Life position: Resident Assistant (RA) , Community Assistant (CA), or First Year Counselor (FYC)

vi. Have an overdue tuition balance - contact the Student Financial Services office if you have questions.

If you fall into one of these categories, submission of an application with your name on it will not be accepted. If, by chance your application is submitted, your group will forfeit any block awarded and all members of the group will be then placed in summer draw

8) Group representatives are able to apply for suites/blocks based on size; once you pick a size (ex. 10, 7, 5, 4, 3), you will then be able to view and select by preference all available suites/blocks of that size for which your group is eligible.

a. Example: there are 29 available quads in Atwater Halls A and B and 13 in LaForce A and B, you can number your suite preferences 1 through 42 or just choose the spaces for which your group is interested.

b. Hint: DO NOT hit "Enter" when indicating preferences (1, 2, 3, 4...). "Enter" acts as the "Submit" button. Use the Tab or the mouse to click to your next option.

c. Hint: If you hold the cursor arrow over the DORM CODES the appropriate building name will appear.

9) As has been the case in past years, suites/blocks will be assigned by larger to smaller size within the Large Block (6-10 pp), and then the Small Block (3-5 pp) draw.

10) Every student will receive a confirmation e-mail which will list every block (by size) application on which their name appears. Please read these e-mails to ensure the accuracy of the group members. If you didn't intend for your name to be included on someone's application, make sure you let them know so they can delete the application.

11) Whenever possible applications should be submitted at the start of a draw's application submission period so any problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.

12) On-line Room Draws are NOT first-come/first-serve processes.