Room Draw Proxy

Reminder: A change of residence without authorization may result in disciplinary action

NOTE TO ABROAD STUDENTS OR OTHERS WITHOUT REGULAR EMAIL ACCESS: if you are abroad and won't have regular email access during the room draw period you may need to choose a proxy. 

If you are interested in drawing into a block or a double, one of your group members can act as the representative and complete all banner web applications; the Rep will just choose the names of the group members from a list.

 If you are looking for a single room, your proxy will need your ID #, banner web password and room preferences; after the room draw process be sure to reset your SSB sign-on password. Room assignments based on applications submitted by a proxy are final.

In either case, plan ahead and provide your group Rep or your proxy with a clear understanding of the spaces in which you are interested. Whenever possible applications should be submitted at the start of a draw's application submission period so any problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.