Sophomore Live Room Draws

Updated for 2014 Spring Term Room Draw

Note: A change of residence without authorization may result in fines and disciplinary action.

Each Commons holds its own live room draw for the rising sophomores within that commons. Please check the Calendar for details.

  • Each commons sets aside specific rooms within their common community spaces for their rising sophomores. Students may not pull students from another commons or class into their commons' sophomore housing.
  • Rising sophomores will only be able to participate in their own common's draw and with other rising sophomores from their own commons.
  • Sophomores MAY NOT switch commons affiliations.
  • Sophomores can live in Academic and Special Interest Houses.  (A list of those programs' webpages can be found at go/interesthouse.).
  • The beds to be offered in each draw will be shared with students beforehand.
  • Rising Sophomores will receive a Random Class number specific to their Commons via their BANNER pages prior to their common's housing processes.
  • New FEBS are assigned random numbers along with September REGs.
  • In order to participate in the Live Draw a student must bring to the draw a print out of  the BANNER page for each student in their group for whom they wish to choose a bed.
  • Your commons may choose to hold Quiet Hall and/or Block-Suite draws in advance of their Live Draw. If so, blocks will be awarded based on the lowest random number of the group and/or other factors determined by your commons.
  • Doubles are awarded based on the lower of the two random numbers.
  • Students who are not able to attend their draw may choose a proxy to choose their housing for them and should provide the proxy with a signed copy of their random number BANNER page.
  • Room assignments are final and once a student is assigned a bed they may not participate in any other room draw process or return to choose or switch rooms.
  • Rooms that are blocked for Room Draw purposes are no longer considered a unit as of the end of that process.

PLEASE NOTE: A small number of sophomores within each commons will not receive housing assignments during their commons' live draw. Those students will be housed during the Summer Housing process. Students should not be concerned if they enter the summer without a housing assignment. All un-housed sophomores will be housed within their common's communities in spaces that become available as some of their peers decide not to return to campus for the fall term or in beds in the transitional areas that will be kept in reserve for either sophomores or upper class students. Please use the Summer Housing Information link to the right for more details about that process.