Fall Term Housing

Updated for 2014-2015 Housing Process


Middlebury College has a great variety of housing options for students - single, double and triple rooms, suites, small houses, apartments, townhouses, interest houses, Superblocks and Social Houses.

Each Spring term, housing is allocated for the following academic year.  Options such as the Wellness House; Academic or Special Interest Houses, Superblocks or Social Houses; and living off-campus each have application processes.  Later in the Spring, usually the beginning the first week of April, all students who did not receive housing as a part of the above mentioned housing selection processes will receive their Random Number so that they may participate in the Online Room Draw or Live Commons Sophomore Draws.  

With so many options it can be a little confusing.  Questions are welcome so please feel free to contact us if you need a little help.  

Students should make room draw plans based on friendships and not on the hope of living in a suite or other particular type of housing.  In our experience, students who make arrangements based on a low random number to share a space with students who are not close friends and/or have different lifestyles often end up being dissatisfied with the arrangement.

Please remember that all commitments and assignments made during the Fall Term housing processes are final.  If you choose to withdraw from a particular housing assignment after you have committed you will be housed by the Residential Systems Coordinator.

Manipulation of the Room Draw process is a serious matter and could result in college discipline.

Please check back occasionally as additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Housing Selection

The Housing Selection process begins in January with the following:

Members of Social Houses may not participate in any other housing process unless the House can fill all their beds by the deadline.

Students may only submit their names on one type of housing application, i.e. Super Block, Social House, Off Campus application.

All students awarded a bed in any of the above processes may not participate in subsequent Fall Term housing processes and will not receive the random number email message.  

Students approved for an off-campus study program are ineligible for all Fall Term housing procedures and will not receive the random number email.

Random Numbers

Students eligible to participate in either the On-Line or Live Sophomore draw will receive an email regarding their Random Number, (see Calendar for date).

Random Numbers are assigned separately for Junior/Senior and Sophomore groups.  Sophomore numbers are relevant to a student's commons, i.e. an Atwater and a Brainerd sophomore could both have the number 25.


Inside Random Numbers

All students are assigned a random number; not just those eligible to participate in the draws.  It is therefore important students realize the inactive numbers will have an effect on their own position in a draw and there is no way of calculating chances.

Note about FEBS: Random numbers are based on a student's graduation year. FEBs are placed on an even playing field with first-year REGS from the time they are rising sophomores. Senior FEBs will receive a number in the group with the regular seniors, i.e. 2013.5s with the 2014s.  A student receives a number based on the year of their graduation regardless if they will graduate as a FEB or in May.

Transfer Students receive a Random Number with the class to which they are affiliated as recorded in BANNER. If a student has concerns or questions about his or her class ranking they must speak with the Registrars office. It is a student's responsibility to have their information updated in a timely manner and there is no guarantee that a new Random Number will be provided if a student's records are changed after the Random Numbers are generated.

If you do not receive Random Number information and feel you should have please contact Karin Hall-Kolts at khall@middlebury.edu or x3301 (provide your college id).

Online Draw for Juniors and Seniors

Following the above preliminaries an On-Line Room Draw process is held for rising seniors and juniors.

Seniors and Juniors may apply for housing in any available location but retain the affiliation with their original commons.

Commons affiliation does not have any impact on senior/junior room draw assignments. Students work with the Residential Life staff responsible for their residence but rely on their commons office for individual support.

There are four separate draws which take place in the following order:

  • Large Block - 6 to10 beds
  • Small Block - 3 to 5 beds
  • Singles - beds awarded as individual spaces
  • Doubles - two bed combinations including some sink-mates, 2-room doubles and true doubles

When (and only when), one of the above four draws is open to receive applications, will students be able to view and enter applications for a particular draw; see calendar.

Sophomore Draw

In late April Live Sophomore Draws are held for rising sophomores by their commons.

Summer Draw

Any student not assigned a bed by the end of the room draw process will be housed during the Summer Draw housing process which takes place in late August.