Social Houses

Updated for 2014-2015 Housing Process

In 1991, Middlebury College established mixed-gender Social Houses to replace the previous single-gender fraternity system. Social Houses are an active part of the campus community and provide students with valuable leadership opportunities. These groups fulfill their mission through a diverse array of social events, parties, community service and other events.

Middlebury currently has five residential Social Houses – Chromatic, Kappa Delta Rho, Mill, Tavern, and Xenia – at locations across the campus. Members and residents share responsibility for developing community within their house and with their extended membership. As a group, the Social Houses are self-governed through the Inter-House Council (IHC). This body is comprised of the presidents and vice presidents of each of the houses. The IHC serves as a resource, advocate, and central voice for all of the houses. 

Social Houses are both student organizations and residential buildings. Funding for house programs comes from the SGA and all houses have constitutions and so have all the rights and privileges shared by all official student groups.

All members also share the responsibility of filling all the beds within their Social House. Social House rosters must be finalized and submitted to the Residential Systems Coordinator by the established date. No member of a Social House may participate in any other Fall Term housing process unless the House Leadership provides a complete and accurate roster by the deadline. Members of a House that miss the deadline will be assigned fall term housing during the Summer Housing process. Students who obligate themselves to fill a bed in a Social House and then wish to withdraw from the house  are assigned beds during the Summer Housing process and may do so only after the House identifies a viable replacement.

Students on Social House rosters are ineligible to participate in other Fall Term housing processes and will not receive their Random Numbers.

Social House Contacts Fall 2015
Chromatic Emma Gee '16
KDR Benjamin Harris '15
Mill Eric Hass '15
Tavern Conor Luck '15

Becca Watson '15

Social House Leadership Handbook 2013-14