Earthquake in Nepal

Once again, we find ourselves coming together as a community to determine how we can respond to a terrible disaster.  The following is taken from the website of Interaction.org, an alliance of reputable NGO's committed to working with the world's most vulnerable people. 

Early on April 25 a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck near Nepal's densely populated capital, Kathmandu. The quake and subsequent aftershocks have caused widespread devastation and loss of life, affecting communities in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. The disaster is the worst to hit Nepal since 1934.

Interaction partners with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, The Red Cross, Islamic Relief USA, Catholic Relief Services, Lutheran World Relief, ShelterBox, and many other trusted aid agencies to get help to those who need it most.  This link will take you to Interaction.org's donation page, which lists agencies to whom you may direct your financial help.

Please also see the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Fact Sheet on post-earthquake assistance for Nepal.

Adrian Smith, Middlebury College class of 1997, has been working in Nepal for 15 years and is currently coordinating the purchase and distribution of tents, tarps, water filters and other basic needs.  You can read more about Adrian’s work here.  You may donate to his work via Paypal by specifying his email account:  adrian_108@yahoo.com

Please note that contributions made to Adrian as an individual are not tax-deductible.

A message from Adrian:   100% of the funds you donate will go towards providing the most basic support to Nepali farmers who have lost everything. We are working in the rural village of Chaukati and surrounding areas to bring basic shelter, safe drinking water and food to people who have lost their homes. The homes in Chaukati, as in much of rural Nepal, are built of stone without cement mortar with stone roofs. As in the neighboring villages, all 50 houses in Chaukati have been reduced to rubble. Thankfully the devastation occurred during the day when most people were out working in their fields. It is reported that only 4 have died in Chaukati. There is no electricity, no running water, and food sources are scarce and buried within their homes. Their crops have largely been destroyed. The earthquakes have been followed by rain and residents have had to endure with only the clothes on their back without even a tarp overhead. Road access has been compromised by a collapsed bridge and landslides. Provisions will need to be carried in through strenuous mountain terrain. As of writing no disaster relief has yet come to this area.

We are providing each household in Chaukati with basic provisions- a tarp for shelter, a ceramic water purifying system, soap, rice and lentils, foam sleeping mattresses and bowls for food and water. They are incredibly resilient people and the help now is critical for their recovery.

We are grateful to Professor Bill Waldron of the College's Department of Religion for bringing Adrian's work to our attention.  Professor Waldron has known Adrian since Adrian's time as a student at Middlebury.  Click here to see a short powerpoint presentation from Prof. Waldron on Nepal’s history and geography.



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