Environmental Council

Environmental Council

For more than 20 years, the Environmental Council has played an active role in shaping Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues. The standing committee of students, faculty and staff members recommends policy, undertakes assessment and projects, educates the College community and advises the president.

2017–2018 Environmental Council

Comprised of a cross-section of faculty, staff, and students, the Environmental Council meets monthly throughout the academic year.

Mariah Nielsen
Calla Rosenfeld (fall only)
Elana Feldman
Abbie McCeney
Elias Guerra
Robert Engel
Mika Morton
Alexis De La Rosa
Juliet Walsh (spring only)
Caroline Bartlett
Anne Benson
Avani Laroia
Caroline Daley
Diego Garcia
Jessica Saunders
Brandon Smith
Alec Fleischer
Warren Galloway
Olivia Sommers
Oscar Psychas
Bayu Ahmad
Cali Kapp
Alitzel Villanueva
Caroline Wolfe (spring only)
Jennifer Damian
Alison Nurok, Biology, Co-Chair
Jessica L'Roe, Geography
Jeff Howarth, Geography
Jack Byrne, Director, Office of Sustainability Integration, Co-Chair
Eva Fillion, Outreach/Communications Coordinator, Office of Sustainability Integration
Charlotte Tate, Rohatyn Center for International Affairs
Doug Connelly, Director of Outdoor Programs and Club Sports
Alex Brauer, SEVIS and International Services Specialist
Meghan Williamson, Associate VP for Development
Defining and Measuring Sustainability Literacy
Middlebury's Energy Future
Carbon Pricing

Council Recommendations

The Council regularly makes recommendations to the president on sustainability topics, plans for the future, and suggested objectives for offices and departments across campus.

2017–2018 Recommendations

EC 2017-18 Report to President

2016–2017 Recommendations

EC 2016-2017 Report to President

2015–2016 Recommendations

PDF icon2015-16 Environmental Council Recommendations

2014–2015 Recommendations
- Environmental Council Briefing Report for President
2013–2014 Recommendations
- Environmental Council Divestment Brief
- Environmental Council Biomethane Report
- Environmental Council & Real Food Challenge Research