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The following are publications written or commissioned by members of the Franklin Environmental Center. Members of the FEC span a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and we are pleased to be able to share our work with you.

The following report chronicles the story of the conservation of Bread Loaf, from its roots in Joseph Battell’s stewardship to the 2015 conservation project of 2,100 acres. It tells of the vision, leadership, and stewardship that resulted in this conservation initiative, and the values that stakeholders from the college, alumni, land conservation, and broader Vermont communities attach to the Bread Loaf lands. Written by Katie Michels ’14.5, and commissioned by Nan Jenks-Jay, Dean of Environmental Affairs and Director of the Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest, 2017.

How Middlebury College permanently protected its iconic Bread Loaf campus for future generations: A case study.

By Katie Michels, Kevin Fleming, and Isabella Gambill, Spring 2017