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Solar Decathlon Houses

Solar Decathlon Houses

Self RelianceInSite

PLEASE NOTE: After several cycles of semester long student residencies in the Solar Decathlon houses we have decided to try a new model for occupancy of Self-Reliance and InSite. These changes are being made to address some significant shortcomings of the semester long model and to better enable the occupants to use the houses for greater impact on community outreach and education efforts that are a requirement of living in these buildings.

We have found that the semester long cycle does not allow enough time for residents to fully learn about the space, the house systems and how they work and to become fluent in explaining to visitors why and how these houses are good examples of sustainable design. It has also hindered the development of good documentation, orientation and training to be passed onto new residents of these houses. The shortened cycle, compared to most all other special interest houses which are full year, is also an impediment to developing a substantive series of events to reach out to the broader community and engage with the houses and topics related to sustainability and environmental design.

For these reasons we have decided to make the occupancy of the Solar Decathlon houses a full academic year for those students currently in the houses. The obligations for occupying these houses will be greater given the longer time to carry out educational and engagement activities and occupants will be required to document their activities and lessons learned to help the next set of occupants design and plan their calendar of activities.

See the Solar Decathlon Housing Plan for more information.