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MiddKid Challenge

MiddKid Challenge

The MiddKid Challenge is an initiative to encourage students to take public transportation. We are partnering with the ACTR bus system and local restaurants to provide students with discounts when they ride the bus.

Take These Four Easy Steps to Get Discounts at Vermont Restaurants:

  1. Get your MiddKid Challenge Passport
  2. Catch the bus (go to go/actr to find bus schedules)
  3. Have the bus driver hole punch your passport when you board the bus
  4. Use the hole-punched passport to get a discount at a listed restaurant


Passports have been distributed to all student mailboxes as of the beginning of the fall 2018 semester. Staff and faculty are also welcome to use the passports. 

If you did not receive a passport but would like one, email, come by Franklin Environmental Center 109 to pick one up, or visit your commons office.


Fall 2018 Restaurants 

This fall, the passport includes Three Squares Café, Lu Lu, Costello's Market, Coriander, Noonie's, Notte, Two Brothers Tavern, Vermont Coffee Comapny, Otter Creek Brewery, Bobcat Café, and Bristol Cliffs Café.

If there are restaurants that you would like to be added to the passport, email with your suggestions. 

Bus Schedules

Click here for the Middlebury Shuttle schedule, here for the Tri-Town Shuttle schedule (to Bristol and Vergennes), and here for the Burlington LINK schedule.

Or go to go/ridethebus to use the ACTR trip planning tool and find the next bus that will take you where you want to go.

Additionally, go/actr will take you to the ACTR website. 


How do I know when the bus will come?

  • Go to go/actr for schedules

Where does the bus go?

  • Around Middlebury, the Snowbowl, Bristol, Vergennes, Burlington, and Rutland

Do I need a bus pass?

  • No

Does the bus cost money?

  • The bus is free within Middlebury and to the Snowbowl

  • To go to Bristol or Vergennes it costs $1 each way

  • To go to Burlington it costs $4 each way

How do I know when the bus will come back to get me?

  • go/actr

Which days does the bus run?

  • No busses run Sundays

  • Some run Saturdays

  • go/actr for schedules 

Why should I ride the bus?

  • Public transportation is better for the environment

  • The community relies on the bus system, but it needs to be used to continue to be funded

Where are the bus stops on campus?

  • ADK and Academy Street (behind Twilight)

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