COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester
How do I get a passport?

Passports will be distributed to student workers living in Battell this coming week (June 25-29). 

If you are not living in Battell this summer but you would like a passport, email or come by Hillcrest to pick one up. 

How many discounts can I use per bus ride?

You can only get one discount per bus ride.

Restaurant staff will sign the passport when you use a discount at their restaurant, and ultimately the number of hole punches should match the number of signatures.

How do I know when the bus is coming?

The bus schedules are available online and in ACTR pamphlets, which can be found at the mail center in McCollough.

You can also go to go/ridethebus to use the ACTR trip planning tool, which does most of the work for you!

Where are the bus stops on campus?

One bus stop is located at ADK and the other is located on Academy Street behind Twilight.

How do I get the discount?

When you get on the bus, the driver will need to put a specific hole punch in your passport. You will then show the passport with the hole punch to your server.The restaurant will sign off on their logo on the passport. You can only use each discount once.