Middlebury Bike Shop

Middlebury Bike Shop

The Middlebury Bike Shop is a student-run, College-owned facility dedicated to promoting cycling on campus and teaching bicycle maintenance. It is open to all members of the Middlebury College community. During open hours students, faculty, or staff can stop by to work on their bikes. Bike Shop employees are available to answer questions, teach, and help out with problems. There is also a 24-hour repair station located outside the entrance, with tools and an air pump.

Where is it?

The Bike Shop is located in the basement of Adirondack House, which overlooks Adirondack Circle on Route 125. The entrance faces Ross Commons.

How can I get a bike?

ID card holders may purchase used bikes at a sale held the first Saturday of the fall semester.

The Bike Shop also offers a build-your-own program.  Select a back-room, project bike and receive guidance on repairing it.  Those who complete project bikes get to keep the bike and a free "Build your own" t-shirt.

The Davis Family Library has a limited number of bicycles available for free 24-hour check-out to those who have ID cards with loaner bike stickers on the back. To get a sticker, click here: Loaner Bike FormAfter accepting the Terms and Conditions, come to the Bike Shop during its open hours to pick up a sticker. **Please affix them to the back of your own ID**


Fall and Spring:

Mondays 7-10pm, Tuesdays 4:30-10pm, Wednesdays 7-10pm, Thursdays 7-10pm,


Tuesdays 7-10pm.

Can I donate a bike?

Yes! We will accept any unwanted bikes as donations.