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Reusable Container Program

Reusable Container Program

The reusable container program (called go/to-go) in the dining halls is designed to reduce waste while still promoting a safe, healthy, and convenient to-go meal option when you are not able to take your meal in the Dining Hall. Please limit use of the container to one trip through the line or salad bar per visit. 

Dining Services previously purchased over 180,000 disposable to-go containers per year, spending large sums of money on single-use products. The go/to-go program replaces these disposable to-go boxes with reusable containers. Developed by a group of students, go/to-go saves Dining Services money, reduce waste in the dining halls, and increase Middlebury's sustainability overall. Beginning in the fall of 2019, every student on campus will be given a free carabiner that they can trade in at any dining hall for a clean, reusable containter. Used containers are returned for either a clean box or a carabiner and then washed in the industrial dishwashers and redistributed for use.

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(graphic by Jenny Tan '21)

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