Welcome Summer Students!

Parton offers a variety of health and counseling services to students participating in our Vermont campus summer programs.

We also offer limited health services to summer faculty and staff. Counseling for faculty and staff is available in the local community, but not on campus.

Details on specific services offered during the summer can be found at the links below:


The Chinese House

Language Schools

Consulting Us About a Distressed Student

Middlebury's Language Schools are renowned for their excellence in producing high levels of language acquisition. The experience of language immersion, combined with the Language Pledge, (a formal commitment required of all students to speak, listen, read, and write in their language of study as the only means of communication for the summer session), open opportunities for students to communicate in their target language and deepen their cultural understanding.

Multilingual and ESL Support

CTLR is committed to supporting students who are non-native speakers of English.  Peer tutors are given training and resources for working specifically with ESL students. 


The study of classics at Middlebury provides you both with intellectual skills that are useful in any career, and with the experience of ideas that will enrich your thinking about life and the world around you.