Adam Morgan '09, cellist and linguist

Adam Morgan

This summer Adam will be attending the Linguistic Society of America's Summer Institute in Berkeley-- it is a conference where linguists from all over the world come together to teach three or six week courses on their research.  It's an opportunity to keep the linguistic community up to date on all aspects of their field.  He will also be working toward certification to teach English as a Second Language, later in the summer, in New York City. Then, hopefully moving to Brazil to teach for a year or two starting in February.  He is studying cello with Martha Greschefski, a wonderful teacher at Georgia State University, waiting tables at a local pizzeria, and doing research for a socio-linguist at Emory University.

Private Music Lessons

Fall 2015 Private Music Lessons
Online registration: September 15-19
Lessons begin: September 21




Bagpipes and Celtic Whistle,
Irish and Scottish Harp

Timothy Cummings, bagpipes,
Irish whistle

Dominique Dodge, Celtic harp


Russ Lawton, drums

Fiddle, Banjo,
Beginning Mandolin

Peter Sutherland


Paul Asbell,
acoustic/electric guitar

Dayve Huckett, acoustic/electric
guitar and ukulele

Eric Despard, classical guitar


Mark Lavoie, harmonica

Piano, Harpsichord,
and Organ

Sadie Brightman, piano

Diana Fanning, piano

Emory Fanning, organ

Dick Forman, jazz piano

Cynthia Huard, piano, harpsichord

Natasha Koval Paden, piano




Paul Reynolds, viola

Katherine Winterstein, violin

Dieuwke Davydov, cello

Glendon Ingalls, bass


Carol Christensen

Dick Forman, jazz voice

Susanne Peck

Beth Thompson

Winds, horns and reeds

Miles Donahue, saxophone

Mia Fritze,
french horn

Dan Frostman, oboe

Glendon Ingalls, trumpet

Bear Irwin, trombone

Anne Janson, flute

Steven Klimowski, clarinet