The Value of Discomfort


dance footsteps pattern



Learning to dance with others can be awkward—and intimate. Beginners step on toes, stumble, and feel silly. To progress, they must take chances and step outside their comfort zones.



College Community Chorus

Voices from the College and local communities singing together
in concert with the Champlain Philharmonic, April 5 & 6, 2014

A delightful potpourri of music for orchestra and chorus, including
Brahms. Academic Festival Overture
Verdi. Va, pensiero and Anvil Chorus
Copland.  The Promise of Living
Gilbert & Sullivan. selections from HMS Pinafore and The Gondoliers
and the world premiere of a new orchestration by Middlebury's

College Community Chorus brings together town and gown

One of the ways that town and gown come together in Middlebury is through the 100-member College Community Chorus, headed up by Jeff Rehbach, who works in LIS. On Tuesday and Sunday evenings during the fall and spring semesters, a couple of dozen students -- some who love singing, others singing in a choir for the first time -- join folks from throughout the greater Addison County area (including College staff and alumni) to share in the experience of making music together.