Contact Circulation Staff


Circulation Services: library_circulation@middlebury.edu

Davis Family Library: 802.443.5494

Armstrong Library: 802.443.5449


Davis Family Library Reserves: 802.443.5495

Reserves: libres@middlebury.edu


You are welcome to contact us individually, but you'll receive an immediate response during open hours if you use the contact information above.

Dan Frostman

Branch Library Coordinator

Office: Davis Family Library 250A
Email: dfrostma@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5928
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30

Janine McDonald

Circulation Services Spec II

Office: Davis Family Library 250
Email: janinem@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3287

Kellam Ayres

Circulation Services and Reserves

Office: Davis Family Library 250M
Email: kayres@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5065
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10-7

Kimberly Gurney

Circulation Services Spec II

Office: Davis Family Library 250B
Email: kgurney@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.2119
Office Hours: Tue - Sat 7:30am-4pm

Nancy Reynolds

Circulation Services Specialist II

Office: McCardell Bicentennial Hall 208
Email: reynolds@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.2614

Phil Gullion

Circulation Services Specialist I

Office: Davis Family Library 250
Email: pgullion@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5494
Office Hours: Fri 7-11 pm/ Sat 3-11 pm

Shawn O'Neil

Circulation Services Specialist II

Office: McCardell Bicentennial Hall 207
Email: sonei@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3286

Todd Sturtevant

Circulation Services Specialist II

Office: Davis Family Library 250K
Email: tsturtev@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5475

Armstrong Science Library

The James I. and Carol Aymar Armstrong Science Library, housed in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, provides curriculum support in the fields of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, environmental studies, geography, geology, physics, and psychology.

Data Management

Effective January, 2011, the National Science Foundation requires that all applications for research funding include a data management plan to describe how the data created from the funded research will be shared, preserved and described.