2018 Presenters

  • Fernando Camacho Padilla:
    “Chile during the Late 60s: The road to the democratic revolution of 1970”
  • Lisa M. Corrigan:
    “Mourning King: Memory, black rage, and the shaping of Black Power”
  • Nicholas Jon Crane:
    “Mexican Transition(s) and Youth Political Engagement after 1968 in Mexico City”
  • Stephen Donadio:
    “Black Power at Columbia, 1968”
  • Duane Edwards:
    “What Happens When We Stop Dreaming? Accounting for the waning of post-independence radicalism”
  • Matthew Galway: 
    “ ‘A New Storm against Imperialism’: Global Maoism and communism in Southeast Asia before and after 1968”
  • Todd Gitlin: 
    ”The Ambiguous Consequences of Failed Revolutions”
  • Andrew Hannon:
    “Acting Out: Performative politics in the age of the New Left and the counterculture” 
  • Estelle Kouokam Magne:
    “Rebuilding the Puzzle: Cameroonian cultural construction from 1968 to the present”
  • Jamie McCallum:
    “From Liberation to Recuperation: The legacy of Paris 1968 on Seattle 1999”
  • Anne Muxel:
    “May ‘68 and the Politicization of Younger Generations in France Today” 
  • Shannon O’Sullivan:
    “From Raising a Fist in 1968 to Taking a Knee in 2016: How US media discourses frame African-American athletes’ calls for racial justice”
  • Linus Owens:
    “ ‘Two, three, many Columbias’ or too many San Fransicso States? Remembering the 1968 student protests”
  • Elena Razlogova:
    “The Variants of 1968 Radicalism: Ousmane Sembene and Larisa Shepitko”
  • Jorge Caê Rodrigues:
    “Performing Gender in the ‘Años de Chumbo’: Identity, Ambiguity, and Counterculture”

Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs
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