Headshot of Janae Due
(Credit: Janae Due )
Prism Center 101
(802) 443-2377

Janae Due (they/them) is the director of the Prism Center for Queer and Trans Life. They support, advocate for, and create programming for queer and trans students. Janae values storytelling and personal connection and uses their lived experiences as a fat, queer, disabled, Black person to help others explore topics around privilege, identity, oppression, and marginalization. They believe that people should strive to be their best selves on their own terms, and help students work towards reaching their full potential by dismantling toxic perfectionism and promoting radical approaches to wellbeing.

Janae grew up in a rural town in Wisconsin much smaller than Middlebury, where they were raised by their single mother. As a low-income, first-generation student, they earned their Master of Education in Student Affairs from Iowa State University and their Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. They dedicate their time outside of work to providing social justice education to community members and advocating for the creation of community care structures. Janae cares deeply about inclusive and intentional language, media representation and popular culture, intersectional feminism, and fat liberation.