Amanda Sears
Centeno House
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Center for Health and Wellness

Hi! My name is Amanda!  I grew up here in Vermont with bouts of living in Massachusetts as a child. New England girl at heart with a California beach-goer soul (though I have yet to go there).

I have worked as a Veterinary Technician for about 10 years prior to making the switch to human medicine working at UVMMC as a Phlebotomist and eventually landing at Porter Medical Center in a MA role for the past 5 years. I currently am enrolled in a Bachelor Program to obtain a BS in Psychology with a goal to become a PA in the future. I joined Middlebury in January of 2022 in the Health Center as a MA, helping provide the best preventative as well as acute care of our students. It brings me great joy to help get patients the best care possible and to follow their care while they are here.

Things that currently bring me joy and happiness include raising little petri-dish humans, rocking out in the house, kitchen, car - (really anywhere) to music with my said little humans, singing, kayaking, hiking, biking (California cruiser-style-with-basket), adventuring with my partner, friends, family and reading books when school is out of session!