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Hi! I’m Gage Sironi (he/him), the counseling intern from UVM. My heritage is Italian and Chinese. I previously worked as a middle school math teacher and specialty teacher for people with autism. I live with my dog, Arizona, and two friends.


I started teaching in 2019, right as COVID lockdowns began. I taught remotely for a year and into the reopening of the schools. I found myself providing more mental health support to my students than teaching. It was a challenge and also quite rewarding work. My experiences drew me to counseling to provide mental health support full-time. I am also deeply interested in people’s life stories and hearing about our uniqueness. I approach my work through a lens of trust, honesty, and education. I believe every person has value, and we can all effect change in our lives when given the resources we need.


In my free time, I cook and like to be outside hiking and skiing. But my all-time favorite pastime is fencing.


I am very excited to be working here at Middlebury College.