Young woman with glasses and long curled purple hair standing in front of yellow, green, and orange trees
Ross Suite 005
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My name is Karly and I use she/her pronouns. I’m from California and have lived & visited all over the state; I’ve also lived in Indiana and (briefly) New York City.

Before coming to Middlebury, I worked at a county health department overseeing programs to assist folks with testing, treatment, and care related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). More specifically, working with people living with HIV and removing barriers to care with a focus on harm reduction and prevention (ask me about PrEP and U=U!) I received my Master’s in Public Health at Indiana University in Bloomington and worked in research for the Kinsey Institute, Center for Sexual Health Promotion, & Rural Center for AIDS/HIV Prevention, and I’m happy to email my co-authored publications. In undergrad I helped start a peer education program, was involved as an RA and residential life leadership positions, and developed a love of caffeine as an on-campus barista. 

I’m new to Middlebury as of January 2022 and started as a Health Promotion Specialist. In October, I became the Assistant Director of Health & Wellness Education and continue to develop programs and events related to sleep & rest, nutrition, movement, stress management, cold & flu prevention, and sexual health. I’m working on becoming better at recognizing faces, but I love receiving hellos and friendly waves from students all around campus. 

Things that currently make me smile include experiencing my first Vermont fall, experimenting with new hair dye colors, asking to pet every animal I see, and volunteering around town. Also, whenever I’m nearby and get to eat Taco Bell. I really miss Taco Bell.