Ira Schiffer was the Associate Chaplain/Hillel Rabbi at Middlebury College from 2001 through 2017. Ira and his family arrived in Middlebury after a five-year family adventure living in the north of Israel on Har Halutz, where he was involved with community building and Arab-Jewish coexistence programs. Prior to that, Ira served congregations in Newark, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland for a period of nineteen years. He has served on numerous boards of both communal and professional organizations. Ira received a Master’s Degree in the History of Judaism in Late Antiquity from Brown University and is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

Ira is married to Linda Shrier Schiffer. They have two adult children, Rachel ’06.5 and Ben ’10.5, one an aerialist, the other an aerial rigger, in the circus world.