Effective August 1, 2022: New Driver's License Program Requirement

The new policy applies to all students, staff, and faculty who drive personal, College-owned, or rented vehicles.

New Driver’s License Program Requirement

This updated information applies to all students, staff, and faculty who drive personal, College-owned, or rented vehicles while doing business on behalf of any Middlebury entities in the United States.

“Doing business on behalf of any Middlebury entities” includes—but is not limited to—driving on campus from building to building for meetings or transporting goods or services, or driving a Middlebury vehicle as part of one’s job description or duties.

Beginning August 1, 2022, all drivers must complete both an online driver training course and a driver’s license application to obtain or retain a Middlebury College “driver’s license.” Any existing physical College licenses will no longer be valid as of this date. College driver’s licenses will now be tracked online by the Enterprise Risk Management Office and will expire every three years from the date the last driver application was submitted.

Employees whose job descriptions require a valid driver’s license and clean driving record will be subject to annual motor vehicle record checks in addition to annual online training. Supervisors must ensure that all drivers who drive as part of their job descriptions or duties comply with the annual training.

Drivers must have valid United States or Canadian driver’s licenses. No other international driver’s licenses will be accepted.

Further information and links to the training and application can be found in the updated Drivers’ Policy.

Why Is This Necessary?

This significant policy change is due to our insurance provider now requiring drivers to have motor vehicle record checks completed every three years (or annually, based on their job descriptions). The criteria for maintaining a “clean” motor vehicle record can be found in our Driver’s License Program Requirements, under “2.0. Motor Vehicle Record Check.”

All drivers are required to read the Drivers’ Policy and understand how it applies to them.

For more information or to seek clarification on the policy, please contact drivers@middlebury.edu. The Enterprise Risk Management Office will continue to provide information as this policy takes effect.

Obtaining a Middlebury College Driver’s License

All students, faculty, and staff who drive on college business are required to obtain a Middlebury College Driver’s License. All drivers must be at least 19 years old and hold a valid United States or Canadian driver’s license.

To obtain a Middlebury Driver’s License, drivers must complete the required online Driver Training and application. In order to drive an 11, 12 or 15-passenger van or larger vehicle, drivers are also required to take an over the road driving test. The online Driver Training program must be completed prior to scheduling the road test.

Employees (including student employees) can access the Driver Training in the Oracle Learn module by searching the course catalog for “Middlebury College Driver Training”.

  • Middlebury College Driver Training Part 1 - Required course for all vehicle types
  • Middlebury College Driver Training Part 2 - Required after Part 1 for drivers of 11, 12 and 15-passenger vans and other Middlebury Class 2 vehicles. (15-passenger vans only hold 11 passengers. Last row of seating has been removed.)

Students can access Driver Training in the Vector Solution training system using the links below:

After completion of the online training, complete this driver’s license application and email drivers@middlebury.edu copies of your Certificate(s) of Completion. If you need to drive an 11, 12 or 15-passenger van or larger, include a request to schedule a road test appointment when emailing the certificates, along with information pertaining to the class, event, activity or sport you primarily plan to utilize the 15 passenger vans for.

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