McCone Irvine Auditorium
499 Pierce Street
Monterey, CA 93940
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Open to the Public

The very best films culled from 1400 submissions and now judged by our illustrious jury of good friends which includes:

Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Kirsten Dunst (below, left to right), Lawrence Inglee, Susan Littenberg, Michael Polish, David Price, Susan Zsigmond, Josh Bleibtreu and Dean Semler.

PARTY STARTS AT 7 PM - Join us on the red carpet, see who’s who, who’s dressed, who’s what and what is what, have a glass of wine…

And then, at approximately 7:45 PST, brace yourself for the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the brightest jewels of our blindingly opalescent cinematic tiara!!

Due to capacity we can only accommodate 260 attendees so make your reservation ASAP.

“I’m consistently engaged by the quality of these films—it’s a pleasure to see the depth, the variety of the stories and the skill of new directors and actors.” - Vilmos Zsigmond / (1930-2016) Jury member.

* Tux not required
** $4,500 dress not required (naturally)
*** “Vacant red carpet stare” not required either, but it can’t hurt to practice

Sponsored by:
Outside Organizations- MIIS

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Magnus Toren