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Join us for a dynamic conversation with guest speakers and community members about how art can reflect, engage, and resist apocalyptic ideas and futures.

Climate Change has demanded a multi-faceted and nuanced conversation that engages the sciences and humanities in diverse discourses and reaches beyond our circles to wider audiences. The information and interpretations we share continue to grow more pressing with time. Yet audiences have profoundly different experiences and expectations. What are we learning from them about the way in which they receive the news and stories we tell about Climate Change?

Whether or not a catastrophic climate crisis is avoidable, how do we tell stories that acknowledge the truth of our circumstances without relying on fantastical metaphors (such as zombies or other villains) that mask our complicity, mortality and ability to create necessary change? What are our best tools for facing climate change head on? Or, what does it mean to live gracefully in the face of dire circumstances? Can we face the truth with hope, knowing that without hope there is no chance of survival?

Please join a circle of colleagues and students to share your responses to these questions, at the Art vs. the Apocalypse Fishbowl Symposium, Friday, April 21st from 11am-1pm in the Seeler Studio Theatre. Please bring your questions. Lunch will be provided after the symposium, please RSVP here (even if you’ve already expressed interest in attending!).

Sponsored by the Department of Theater; co-sponsored by the Environmental Affairs, the Department of Biology, Committee on the Arts, and the Climate Action Capacity Program 

Sponsored by:
Arts Council; Environmental Affairs; Biology; Theatre

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Sanchez Saltveit, Olga