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Dr. Erin Eggleston, Assistant Professor of Biology at Middlebury


Ecology of the Unseen: Illuminating Microbial Ecological Dynamics


Microbes are fundamental drivers of ecological processes. Both functionally and phylogenetically diverse, microorganisms drive global nutrient cycling throughout terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Given their small size, and morphological similarities, molecular biological tools and -omics approaches have greatly increased our understanding of these microbes in the environment. “Team Tiny” has contributed to projects informing microbial mercury methylation and mobilization in riverine soils, microbial thermal stress tolerance in Bahamian coral reefs, archaeal adaptations to extreme pH and temperature, ice cave microbes, and cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms. Recently, our work has expanded to the intersections of environmental microbes and environmental injustice.



Dr. Erin Eggleston is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Middlebury College. She is a molecular microbial ecologist, and her research seeks to understand bacterial, archaeal, and virally mediated processes and impacts in the environment. This work is inherently interdisciplinary drawing from ecological and evolutionary theory, microbiology, statistics, data science, and biogeochemistry. When not in BiHall, she enjoys spending time in her garden, foraging for mushrooms, and enjoying Vermont’s rock climbing and trails with friends and family.

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