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Vermont’s Wild Bees: Past, present, and future

Four years ago no one knew how many species of bees were in Vermont or anything about the abundance of the vast majority of species. After combing fields, forests, and museum collections around the state, we now know there are more than 350 species of bees in Vermont. The brand new State of Vermont’s Bees provides the first detailed look at the conservation status and needs of these important pollinators.

Hardy’s Bio
Spencer grew up exploring the rivers and hills of eastern Vermont, fascinated by the seemingly endless biodiversity in this small state. He chose to attend Middlebury College in part because of the proximity to great bird watching, though he ended up writing his biology thesis on the fish communities of Lewis Creek. After graduating, he bounced around the state and the country, working on a variety of farms and field research projects, before landing at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. Since 2019 he has coordinated the Vermont Wild Bee Survey, the first deep dive into the state’s bee diversity.

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