McGowan MG102
411 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940
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A lecture delivered in the tradition of Hip Hop Pedagogy employing the elements of DJ’ing, emcee’ing, graffiti, and breakin’. Following a brief state of the field we’ll engage in dialogue about current issues facing your campus and community. Since its beginning in the mid 70’s, Hip Hop culture has been addressing the most serious of social issues. Since the 90’s campuses have embraced expressions of artistic flow Hip Hop culture provides. Our journey will connect your academic space to the streets that surround it. As a launching point we’ll discuss affordable housing, also not a new issue to the culture. Expect to bob your head and tap your toes at least once during the evening. Feel free to wear your most throwback gear, if you know, you know. While Hip Hop is youth power culture all ages are welcome. Music will not be censored or turned down. Only one way to find out, “don’t believe the hype”, come and see.

Sponsored by:
MIIS - Student Council

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Salma Rashid