Dana Auditorium (Sunderland Language Center)
356 College Street
Middlebury, VT 05753
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What is a robust public sphere? Why is it important to American society and global citizenship? How should we construct it? How can a liberal arts education prepare students to engage it? What does free expression have to do with the creation of a robust public sphere? How should inclusion and political difference factor in our understanding of a robust public sphere?

Part of the “Critical Conversations” series, this event will feature a discussion among three distinguished scholars and public intellectuals: Kwame Anthony Appiah (NYU School of Law), Jonathan Haidt (NYU Stern School of Business), and Jill Lepore (Harvard University).

This event takes place in Wilson Hall, and will be live streamed to Dana Auditorium and on the web at http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/technology/help/mediaserv/stream.

Sponsored by:
President of the College

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Barrett, Charlene
(802) 443-5289